Anxiety never WINS

This is a message for a teenager:

Remember that anxiety happens to everyone. You are never alone in this. This is important: you are NEVER alone.

Teens are the ones who suffer the most anxiety episodes because they are at the most vulnerable emotional stage of their lives. However it doesn't mean that anxiety will strike you the rest of your life.

Teenagers usually have a lack of proper judgement, not showing careful though and a lack of understanding of what "Everything is relative" means. That's normal :-).

They usually forget that they have a whole life ahead of them, and it is not worthy to let anxiety ruin it for you.

Life is a bumpy road with lots of left and right turns, but as longs as you're on track, you are going to be alright. There is no good or bad ways as long as you're on track.

As you grow cognitively and learn good habits life comes at you in ways that you absolutely can figure out how to navigate. Plus, if things get difficult at any level - you can always seek help- there are people out there ready to help.

Overcoming anxiety might take some more time, effort and/or professional help, but the worst that can happen is that you come out stronger in the end. You know how to fight big long battles and win.

People who overcome anxiety over and over are the strongest people you will ever meet, because they know that next time anxiety speaks up when they have a goal in front of them, they will be able to remember that they are more than able to overcome it.

What to do to overcome anxiety? The best start would be EDUCATION. Education will allow you for more choice and opportunity. Have curiosity about anxiety and how to manage it properly. As more you learn about what causes you anxiety, more tools you will have to beat it.

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