Being sick in the morning can be different from being sick at night

I've got patients with the same chronic disease (e.g allergies, anxiety or depression) where the severity of afflictions and symptoms are worse in the morning or evening.


Why such a difference between being sick in the morning or at night?

Our western medicine considers a connection between circadian rhythms and immune responses however we, acupuncturists, consider this fact as a fluctuation of Yin and Yang, and this is how it works:

Yin is night, cold and darkness. At night, patients who are deficient in Yang would have an increase of the severity of symptoms (feeling worse) because Yin ⬆️ and Yang ⬇️ which means "you are unbalanced". The same scenario happens with feeling worse in the morning, when patients really Yin deficient will have an increase of the severity of symptoms because Yin ⬇️ and Yang ⬆️. 

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Photo by Nikhil Mitra