Do you have issues with concentration and attention span during times of depression?

People who suffer from depression can't really focus. You start watching Youtube videos or even a Netflix's show and stop after just a couple minutes. You might not be able to listen a full song. Or even forget about reading anything.

Lack of focus makes depression worse because you can't entertain and let you mind go away.

College might be very hard too. You can’t stay focused for the life of me and find it so difficult to study for exams. You can’t even remember anything from a course.

It also slows down reaction time and can affect coordination as well. I get really clumsy and move really slow. Not because of the medication but the typical symptoms of depression.

Your irregular sleep pattern and irregular or even lack of healthy meals make it worse too as the lack of nourishment makes toxins to get accumulated in the rest of your body. This makes you feel fatigue all day long.

So basically the main problem is to GET FOCUSED.

Instead of focusing the treatment in your mind, let's do the opposite. Let's re-balance your body back to normal. Focus on get your sleep back and eating healthy with no processed foods, coffee or alcohol. Let's do some physical activity to activate your body.

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