Do you have more stress than you can deal with?

School is causing you so much stress, all of your relationships are doing horrible, most of your friends are starting to ignore you, work is doing bad, etc

Some people decide to avoid stress whereas others learn how to deal with it. However, what if all stressful situations happen all together. What's next?

It is important to remember that all stressful situations in life are TEMPORARY. No matter what they are, no matter from where they come from. They don't last.

Those situations usually become stressful because humans are involved so emotions seems to be detectable in the air. However if you look cold-hearted logical to the scenario, you might get to the conclusion that it wasn't really important. Unfortunately the driving negative emotions such as ego, jealousy, envy operate in all parts of a stressful moment.

It's not healthy to avoid a stressful situation that needs to be addressed because it might develop to FEAR. This is the worst emotion because it blocks you.

Living with FEAR drives you to lose self-confidence and ANXIETY.

Anxiety feeds up the stress mentioned above so eventually you fell into from which it becomes hard to escape because the hole becomes larger, and larger, and laaarrrgerrr...

Chinese Medicine theories tell us that blockage or stagnation becomes a disease: mental, physical or emotional. Therefore, everything needs to flow to keep oneself healthy.

If we look into a more practical viewpoint, try setting certain times you concentrate on different aspects in your life in the day, till you find a balance you can cope with. Don't handle everything at once: it won't work. Prioritize what's important and do it! Face it and do it! Others can wait.

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