Don't let the pain control your life!

People who is usually suffering from chronic pain hear the platitude mentioned above. It may go along with other statements such as: “You can’t let it stop you doing things”, "just let it pass through you", "stop trying to control the pain" or the one that states “you need to stop fighting the pain”.

Well....What does it mean to fight the pain?

Fighting against pain means to keep doing normal life as there is no pain. You're suffering from pain but you need to "ignore" it as it doesn't exist. I am not going to be out of pain, so the goal is to get me to a livable/tolerable/acceptable level of pain, but never to stop fighting.

Chinese Medicine has a different approach: pain is blockage so fighting against pain makes the blockage worse because it develops the size of the "blockage" larger. For instance, if you have hip pain and keep doing normal life as if there is no pain, then pain gets worse.

Pain is coming from the inflammation around the injury. Inflammation usually requires rest and no movement to get the healing benefits of the inflammation itself. However chronic inflammation loses that "healing effects".

Acupuncture usually helps to deal with chronic pain.

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