Emotional exhaustion tips

I believe we all are emotive by nature. We're surrounded by relatives, workmates or friends who day in and day out describe (read:complain) about their social, emotional, life problems.

However how do you guys deal with this? It feels like this is what is most driving your burnout. It’s getting to the point that your nods and empathy feels a little fake and forced?

It's important to set boundaries and make people understand that while listening is part of you, you are not caring for psychological well being surely.

Emotional exhaustion drives you to feel frozen. Some people decide not taking action however it's important to force yourself: just pick up one thing. Then another and so on. Before you know it, you're full on cleaning and no longer in my head.

Better if you force yourself to do something completely unrelated to your normal routine or anything that's stressing you out. Getting into action, cleaning, walking, etc., helps.

Pretty sure you're reading this and thinking "can’t find the motivation to get up and out of bed". Well, I know how you feel though, and it sucks. However you must practice self love and self care.

*NOTE: Self care and Self Love don't mean to go shopping and buy something that temporarily will make you feel "good" but live an experience of something that make you feel well: meet some friends, do something that you're doing when you were a little kid, etc.

Chinese Medicine states that movement keeps you healthy physically and mentally. Putting into action, it basically means to do something that requires you be in constant motion: not too fast, not too slow or stuck. If you're going fast, anxiety, insomnia and stress happens. If you're too slow or stuck; lack of motivation, depression, overweight happens.

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