How do you get your daily Omega-3 without supplements?

Omega-3 supplements are the most consumed supplements in Ireland. Do you actually need it every day?

Let's start by explaining what Omegas are.

We may find Omega-3 categorized by EPA/DHA supplements which are the same.

Science says that Omega 3 (6 and 9) are generally good for the brain and blood circulation. When sufficiently fueled by them you should be less inclined towards depressive symptoms, have clearer thoughts and focus better, and will probably also feel good digestion.

Foods like flaxseeds and chia have lots of Omega-3 but the absorption/conversion of Omega-3 fats is not efficient from plant based foods. This is the reason why people choose meat based foods, where fish like salmon and sardines in small servings everyday. However we must be careful of eating lots of salmon and sardines due to heavy metals on them.

Does it mean vegans can't get EPA/DHA naturally? Not at all!. Taking algae oil is an option: the reason why fish contains lots of EPA/DHA is because they eat algae which is naturally very high in these things.

Now, Omega 6 and 9 are also important but the ratio between the 3 of them is more important than the daily dose. For instance, two substances can both be good while the proportional ratio of those substances can also be very important. Therefore, if your overall ratio is 6:3 is more relevant than the recommended daily dose of Omega 3 (around 2.2g /day). Never think about Omega 3 without considering the 6 and 9 combined.

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Photo by Diane Helentjaris