How do you know if acupuncture really worked out for you?

I imagine you felt a little bit dizzy after the acupuncture session. Apart of feeling calm and an immediate anxiety's relief, you also have the perception of something happening inside of you.

Obviously you don't have words to explain rationally what happens but you have the impression that something really changed. Maybe the boost of endorphins released afterwards. Who knows?

Now, how do you know if the acupuncture actually was worthy?

Changes after treatment are good indicators for the effectivity (or non-effectivity) of treatment. These changes usually are positive but negative changes (e.g your pain got worse afterwards) can be also in a positive way.

Positive changes are great to measure progress of treatment and if you had positive changes to report, that would likely give your acupuncturist the hint to continue with treatment similarly to what he had done before.

If you had new negative symptoms, that might be a sign that the protocol could be better adjusted to you.

I personally recommend my patients to bringing me up if the symptoms felt significant, but on the whole, the many other symptoms likely giving me similar information about the direction I should go in with treatment.

As there's often a lot of information covered in treatment, it might be useful to write down a list of things you want to mention between treatments so you can remember anything significant.

Any information is relevant, and makes a difference on the diagnosis and specially in the treatment.

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