How to identify you need to slow down BEFORE your body gets sick?

We've been talking this week about stress and the need to take breaks to benefit your well-being.

I believe when you get stressed out, you never really know it at the time if you should "keep going" or pushing or taking a break before you keep going.

The critical thinking of our modern society teaches us from very early stages of our life to develop a mental "keep going" attitude (which is beneficial), but we don't learn how to manage the "too much" attitude.

Some people keep pushing without rest till suddenly your body's health falls off. Stress warning symptoms appear all at once so you actually get sick (muscle strains, neck pain going into your head, bad sleep, overthinking, feeling heat on your chest, etc).

People usually miss the red flag, so to avoid our heath deteriorate, it is important to have ROUTINES.

For instance, Sunday are always days off, or go to bed by 10pm, have regular meals schedules and always keep in mind that it is normal not to be capable to handle everything. Just prioritize things. The world won't end up tomorrow so you still have time tomorrow. There is always a tomorrow.

It is also important to learn the signs that your body is sending you. Interpreting what is normal and what isn’t.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine helps you to learn and treat what is going on in your body before it becomes a disease.

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