How to prevent weight gain during holiday? A Chinese Medicine's approach

A patient using our service AcuRodos - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Mobile Service asked me how to prevent weight gain during holiday.


I love when patients ask these questions, because these are not easy to answer, specially if you have to explain it from a Chinese Medicine's point of view.

Let's begin from what Western Science considers about overweight during vacation:

  • Vacations and holidays are probably the two times of year people are most susceptible to weight gain in a very short period of time.
  • We know that holiday season can lead you to gain weight that persists after the holidays are over, which also could contribute to annual weight gain.
  • We also know that people with overweight or obesity are susceptible to gaining the most weight. Which means that as more weight you put on, more chances of putting more weight afterwards.
  • Obesity is a major risk factor for more than 200 co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

How can we face the overweight and obesity from a Chinese Medicine's view?

  • The most profound aspect of Chinese Medicine’s perspective on overweight conditions is its perception of the role emotions play in overall health. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine sees and treats your body, mind, emotions, and spirit as an interrelated whole. This means you must have emotional balance to have true physical health.

How can you get this emotional balance?

How can you put in practice this re-balance process for avoiding overweight during holiday?

  • The answer is simple: being aware of weight gain requires you to weight yourself on a daily basis on scales during your vacation. This will lead you to perceive the problem.

By daily self-weighing can prevent holiday weight gain.

This habit might force you to exercise a little bit more the next day (after seeing a weight increase) or you will watch what you are eating more carefully.

Understanding of how the entire human being works—body, mind, and spirit— seeks to create balance and harmony within each individual.

Photo by i yunmai