Inflammatory foods

If you search anywhere, you might find out that there are no high level studies supporting any particular dietary pattern to prevent disease. There are some studies but they're not considered to be "conclusive".

Therefore I'm going to ask you a bit of common sense here:

Inflammation isn't something bad, it's a critical function in the body and without it we're dead.

Liken it to heat, the more intense activity there is, such as growth, repair (think a body wrecking workout session where you can't move next day, broken bones, serious injuries etc or wounds etc) the more the body has to do, the more heat the body needs in order to process faster. Like a car burning more fuel and increasing activity, heat/inflammation speeds up the enzymes which are key to all of our metabolic processes.

Certain foods that are well aligned with support growth and serious repair also support high level of inflammation as part of that process, so things like red meat, dairy, etc. are going to be quite supportive of this side of the process.

On the other hand, once the repair is completed, it's necessary resting, maintenance, activating elimination and cleansing pathways, lymphatic, liver, blood, cellular senescence, basically soft repair and regeneration. This is where inflammation lowering foods are aligned well and support the process, think parsley, turmeric, broccoli sprouts, blueberries etc. They all are antioxidant foods.

Not all disease are inherited, therefore many are preventable.

Basically you have to remember what you put in your body is what will manifest out just like any other cause and effect.

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