Life long chronic pain and losing hope because your people question your pain

Living with pain is challenging, specially if you feel pain without moving, which makes falling into sleep very hard.

If you don't sleep, you will also develop chronic fatigue issues.

No one really gets what you mean when you complain about your pain because pain can't be measured objectively: levels of pain can't be tested.

Your family and friends obviously care about you however it is a normal reaction that after 3 or 6 months complaining about the pain, they might think you must be faking it or overreacting. It hurts emotionally. However that's a normal reaction: what would you think if some relative of yours is complaining about a pain after MRI/CT or other tests come clean?

What I see quiet often are patients with chronic pain a lack of empathy. They are just looking to get some advice on how to deal with the pain from someone who actually understands what they mean. The same happens with depression or other conditions.

Chinese Medicine sees pain differently. We might know and recognize you're in pain by checking your pulse and tongue. As more stagnation we perceive, more sure we are you're in pain.

The best advice I would give is to just find good outlets for your pain. Some get good relieve visiting physical therapist for acute conditions, other acupuncture for chronic pain conditions, etc.

Get involved with the community of people with the same condition than yours. You wouldn't believe how 'relieving' is meeting people who speak the same language than you do.

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