Numerology: the number 2 and the world of duality

Numerologists consider the number 2 as the most underestimated among all the numbers. Maybe because she likes to keep the peace and avoid confrontations as much as possible. It is considered an extremely resilient force due to her bended shape, reason why she is capable to keep the balance between two forces: no matter how many hits as always is able to retrieve back to its normal shape. That makes her strength and power so resistant and lasting as often controls the outcome of certain events.

The renowned numerologist Hand Decoz describes the number 2 as sensitive, tactful, diplomatic and cooperative. The 2s tend to be peacemakers and are loving, studious and patient. A 2 may express many musical or feminine qualities and also tends to be sensual and intuitive.

Where number 1 says "I am", the number 2 knows that "We are". Always plural and connected, with supportive relationships. However the dichotomy of 2 also are shy and uncertain of themselves. 

We live in the world of duality

Duality is an essential feature of the human mind. The duality is what separates truth into two parts, two parts of the same whole: the perceived, relative truth, and the inherent, absolute truth. If something is perceived, the absolute truth cannot be understood. Absolute truth lies beyond the perception.

It helps to understand the world from all its perspective, to make sense of it. The language, the words, the measurements and everything else is because of duality. The human mind learns by opposites -long and short, thick and thin, near and far, hot and cold, strong and weak, up and down, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, positive and negative, and so on. It’s necessary to refer to the opposite to understand the meaning.

If there were no opposites, everything would lose its meaning which means we form concepts only by knowing the opposites. This gives the idea that nothing is absolute but relative. If something has not opposite, then its existence cannot be proved: the mind knows something is short because can compare it with things that are taller; we know what happiness is because we know what is not, like sadness: truth cannot exist without the things that are not true.

However what is true today doesn’t mean it was true in the past or it might still be the true in the future. Therefore, the most important part of understanding the duality is seeing that all perceptions are RELATIVE. Between a Yes and No paradigm, there are infinite chances to happen from one to another, but these chances will always be between these two options.  

Daoists already knew about such relativity, and the Yin & Yang symbolize such partnership and cooperation. In the spiritual significance of numbers, 2 carries the energy of the Sacred Femenine which matches with the idea that all humans begin life in the womb as females. 

Metaphysically, Yin&Yang vibrate on a highly sensitive level. This means that both sides exhibit empathy and consideration, with an inner strength that can stand toe to toe for the sake of harmony, loyalty and truth.