Old diseases in young people: Why?

I've got patients on their late 20's with heart disease, 30's with arthritis or 40's with osteoporosis.


Did you realize that there is an increasing numbers of young people being affected by diseases commonly associated with the elderly? How come?

On my research, I've discovered cases of Parkinson's under the age of 50, people under the age of 65 suffer from dementia, people with osteoporosis under the age of 55 or younger-onset Alzheimer's under the age of 60.

This means that the number of older people being diagnosed with four or more diseases will double, being normal to see in the future people with Alzheimer+Diabetes+Heart Disease or Osteoporosis+hypertension+Cancer all at the same time: DIFFERENT UNRELATED CHRONIC CONDITIONS AT ONCE.

However, in terms of Chinese Medicine, everything is related and connected. Let me explain you why:

Chronic Emotional Distress, unhealthy diets rich in refined sugars, lacks of stable sleep patterns can drive us to autoimmune conditions that make our organs to be less and less effective on their functions.

We get older not only outside but inside too.

Acupuncture has been proven to re-balance your internal organs by make them work more efficiently either combined with a healthy diet, your current medication or by itself.