Signs you need a break

1 - Loosing interest in things you’re usually passionate about and bring you joy.

2 - Short temper and easy to provoke.

3 - Taking everything personal.

4 - Constant overthinking.

5 - Emotionally overwhelmed.

6 - Always exhausted/tired.

There is always the same issue: how do you take a break from everything that is making you need a break: from school or home to family and kids?

Well, taking breaks require ORGANIZATION. There is no other way. Taking a step back and seeing the big picture and setting goals for your self will help. Take time to for yourself, even if it’s 10 or 30 min or whatever time you can spare to recover.

You just need to learn to manage your time and the time of people you allow in your life. Taking a break can’t always be from certain things, but rather take a break to focus on yourself.

Breaks actually can be used as self-healing because they help you to calm down so the body re-balance naturally. As longer you've been without vacation, the longer should be your break-time.

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