The best acupuncturist in Shanghai - Dr. Li Guoan at Shanghai University Hospital


"When the needles are inserted, the patient should feel both heat and cold"

"There are still profound secrets to be revealed about Chinese Medicine"

"Do not underestimate the acupuncture. It's 5000 years old"

"We can cure many European diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Gynecology problems,
Chronic fatigue syndromes and depression"

"It's possible to lose weight through moxibustion. The burning medicine
will enter his body, and the fat inside will disappear.
After 10 sessions, the effect will be clearly visible"

"Acupuncture is different than in the West. They want to take away 
the disease immediately because in the West everything should cure fast"

"Acupuncture works much better on people from Europe and the United States
than it works for Chinese people. Maybe because their ancestors never had acupuncture before"

The more acupuncturists are willing to learn,
the better they will feel results of their treatments