Three acupuncture points to reduce stress and irritability


"BL2 - Zan Zhu: it's on the inner tip of the eyebrow where the bridge of the nose and eye socket meets. Press these points on both sides as you breathe deeply for one minute."

"P8 - Lao Gong: it's in the middle of your palm. When you make a loose fist, it's where your middle finger is touching. Press this point with a hooked thumb as you breathe deeply for one minute."

"Liv3 - Tai Chong: it's at the end of the valley between the big toe and the second toe. you will feel a very distinct sensation when you press this point."

Why is BL2 - Zan Zhu good for stress?

Zan Zhu means "Gathered Bamboo" which supports or assists. Although is frequently used locally for the treatment of disorders of the eye and the surrounding region (e.g sinus pain or facial paralysis), it also clears the head if frontal headache is commonly one of the symptoms in case of stress.  

Why is P8 - Lao Gong good for stress?

Lao Gong means "Palace of Labor" as the hands are the part of the body frequently used to engage in manual labor. Clears heat from the Pericardium so it calms the spirit as well as revives consciousness. In cases of chronic stress where internal heat takes over your Heart and Mind, the heat collapses into the Pericardium leading to disturbance of the emotions. It's particularly indicated when Liver Stagnation Fire transmits to the Heart. 

Why is Liv3 - Tai Chong good for stress?

Tai Chong means "Great Rushing: important pass where the Qi of the meridian is abundant. It has several actions within our body. One of them is to spread Liver Qi in case of Qi Stagnation/Blockage which may causes stress. It clears the head as well as nourishes Liver Blood and Liver Yin.