What is a better protein: meat or fish?

Fish is an important source of healthy fatty acids and vitamin D, but may also contain potentially harmful substances such as methyl mercury (a bioaccumulative environmental toxicant in the sea). The greatest health benefit comes from eating only fatty fish (such as herring and mackerel), because fatty fish contain larger amounts of beneficial fatty acids.


Red and processed meat contributes to the intake of saturated fat (which is necessary) and is associated with the development of different types of cancer. We also need to know that red meat is also an important source dietary iron.

In terms of Chinese Medicine, fish strengthens spleen, tonifies Qi, removes dampness, regulates blood, aids diarrhea from spleen weakness. As such, eating between 300-400 g of fish in a weekly basis would be a perfect options for those who feel constantly tired (low energy states), hemorrhoids, excessive menstrual bleeding, itching or exuding damp type skin lesions.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński