Why can't you meet your fitness goals?

Common struggles from patients are that they can't meet their fitness goals and eating healthy foods.


Some people easily meet their fitness goals and love eating healthy foods while others struggle.

Why some people struggle to do a healthier life?

This is determined by the will power. Will power is simply WILL, a strong determination to do something.

In terms of Chinese Medicine, the will power is determined by the Kidneys. Please keep in mind that our organs are strongly connected to emotions (e.g people that get transplants or organs removal develop emotional changes).

If the Kidneys are strong, the will power will be strong, the mind will be focused on goals. However, Kidneys get depleted with the age so will power. If the Kidneys are weak, will power will be lacking.

People with a stronger sense of life purpose are more likely to respond positively to health changes. This can be purposely improved by Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.

Photo by Brian Metzler