Why is your insomnia making you gain weight?

There is evidence that sleep loss is linked to weight gain but how it can be explained?

Does it mean that having insomnia increases your appetite? Or the fact of being awake more hours than usual involves adding a new meal in your diet?

Perhaps you know that consistently getting a good's night sleep is a familiar battle in our society today. The problem arises when you get inadequate sleep day after day. You will not only experience a lack of energy and an inability to focus during the day, but also start to notice that your waistband is snugger, your jeans feel tighter, and the number on the bathroom scale is inching higher. Well, these occurrences are no coincidence.

Sleeping less have a SLOWER METABOLIC RATE (the speed at which your body burns calories). Now REM is the sleep stage during which metabolism is the highest. Therefore, if you get less sleep, your get less REM sleep, too. This sets the stage for eating the wrong foods because when you feel tired, you usually eat more or badly looking for that boost of energy, when the problem is not sleeping properly.

Sleeping better means feeling less tired which means eating less bad foods.

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