You CAN'T get everything you want in life

My sincere apologies for what you are about to read, but I've seen these ideas to cause more harm than good to people. Let me explain why:

I disagree with quotes such as: "If you believe, you will succeed" or "You are the owner of your destiny".

Well, let start by saying that you're not the owner of your destiny because you didn't choose your DNA or your home environment through your childhood. You've been built by something external where you didn't have any control.

Living with these ideas in your mind telling you that you can take control of your life once and for all is basically generating in your life self-guilt, emotional distress and anxiety.


Because if you're supposedly to be the captain of your own boat and you can't get what you want, then it means that's your fault? Well, people believe it is so then they're living with constant fear and anxiety. That is NOT the way to live life.

Social Media is not helping neither because they're showing the life of other people which apparently live "happy" life out there, creating a vicious cycle... Seriously, how many photos of Bali beaches have you seen for the last year?

Now... let's focus on what should you do? This is just an opinion.

It is crucially important to know your talents. If you're putting all your energy and effort in something where you're not talented or there is some other people more talented than you, then you will never achieve your goal. Not because you're "bad" in something but you don't have the talent to do it. That is fine.

The most important is to put your energy where your talent is. Believe it: no matter who you are, there is something you're good at it. Do not doubt it!

Chinese Medicine states to accept your life at this moment (Life is constantly changing), to have gratitude and focus your energy on what you're good at, and nothing else!

Don't follow the influencers that put the pressure and anxiety of "taking action", "make it happen", "success is around the corner"... all these messages sound good but maybe are not doing any good on you. You've been hearing them for weeks, months or years but didn't take you anywhere... Let's change the perspective.

You should ALWAYS have goals for yourself, realistic ones based on your current situation. Combine short and long-term goals. Don't be in a rash.

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