Mobile Acupuncture Service:

We come to your home at a suitable time and set up our therapy bed at your spare space to provide your treatment. 

Fee: 70 €

NOTE: Contact us for further information with your location and most suitable time for visiting you.

Come to the clinic: Location

Based in the heart of Clonee Village. Visits by appointment only. 

Acupuncture: 50 €/45 min 

Cupping:  40 €/30 min 

 Massage: 50 €/45 min

Reflexology: 50 €/40 min

Acupuncture + Heating + Massage: 70 €/55 min

Herbal Medicine Remedy (Phone Consultation): from 15

Allergy Test: 180 €

NOTE:  Payment for treatment and/or allergy test are due in full in advance by card, in order to guarantee your reserved time slot. Terms and Conditions apply.