This privacy notice applies to all Patients, both former and prospective patients and Website visitors.

AcuRodos collects information relating to patients’ health and personal details. This information is classed as sensitive data and termed as special category data. Under the new General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR), patients of AcuRodos have a right to know why their information is collected, for what purpose it is used and how it is kept safe. Patients also have greater rights to access the information that AcuRodos holds. 

Your right to privacy and security is very important.

Examples of Personal Data include Name, Address, E-mail and DOB for identification purposes only I also use a consultation form which also includes health background along with my TCM Diagnosis and notes. I only write what is necessary and helpful in your case so as to serve you best. I also take your GP details as per requirements of AFPA.

A) Your Data is Protected

I take the role of the 'Data Controller' of your personal information very seriously. Rest assured that I will never share your personal information to any third parties. We only use paper records of your consultation and personal details. These records will be filed away in a locked cabinet and I will have the key with me at all times.  

You are entitled to full access to your papers files at any stage by your request. I will destroy your personal files at your request if you move to a different Acupuncturist or Wellness Practitioner. I will only request and keep data that is relevant to your Acupuncture treatment and my diagnosis.

I promise to contact you first if I need to discuss your healthcare with other medical professionals.

I keep patients records for up to 7 years.  

B) You have rights under GDPR

At your request I shall forward your files to you or share with another Acupuncturist if you decide to change to another acupuncturist. At your request I will amend any incorrect information on your file. Your personal information will never be transferred outside of the EU.

You will be notified immediately if I have reason to believe that your personal information has been read by any other parties without your permission.

C) Your rights to information within AcuRodos

Upon your request and within 30 days (unless you are notified of a difference to this time scale) we will inform you about the type of personal information AcuRodos holds about you, the purposes for which we hold it and the possible recipients or types of recipients. Upon written request and within a reasonable period of time AcuRodos will also correct, delete and/or block personal information from further processing if that information proves to be factually inaccurate, incomplete, or irrelevant to the purpose(s) of the processing.

D) AcuRodos Marketing and Social Media

By using the AcuRodos service, you grant the right to post your listing or listing name on our site, and our Social Media Accounts, will we display information posted in your Listing and added by you on our site and social media accounts. You may request these posts to be removed at any time. In addition, we may (from time to time) ask for your permission to list your name and a testimonial about your experience with AcuRodos. If you grant us this permission, your name and comment will appear among other Reviews and Testimonials.

If you would like to contact us, or have questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policies, email

Any changes to this document will be at the discretion of AcuRodos and will be effective when posted to this link.