The Clonee Clinic

Would you prefer to come to our practice instead of going to your home?

You would be very welcome!   

The Clonee Clinic (Clonee Physiotherapy)
5, The Mall, Main Street, Clonee, Co.Meath.
D15 C2VR

Please make sure to bring with you some comfortable clothes so that we can provide a better treatment. We meet COVID-19 requirements so make sure to come over with your mask. If you've in counter with the virus, please notify us before coming to the clinic.

Access: By car (Free parking) or Public Transport (bus lines 109, 70, 39a // Dunboyne Train Station)

Get in touch with us so we can schedule your first appointment.

Home Acupuncture

No need for you to have to deal with traffic and parking to receive treatment in a clinic. You’ll also save travel time–leave that to us.

We come to your home at a suitable time and set up our therapy bed at your spare space to provide your acupuncture treatment. 

Dress comfortably to set you up so that you can relax and we can provide a better treatment.

For further information about the first consultation, please click here

Hotel & Spa Acupuncture

Additional spa treatments such as Chinese Massage and Acupuncture ensure your experience is one of pure indulgence.

When you're traveling to either enjoy your visit or for business in Dublin, we  provide acupuncture treatments at your hotel, so you don’t need to figure out how to get to a clinic.  Therapist on call at your disposal. 

Get in touch with us in advance before your visit so we may organize a suitable time.

Workplace Acupuncture

Did you know that 35% of work absenteeism is because back pain, anxiety, depression and stress?

Did you know that acupuncture can increase the chances of workplace success and offers many benefits to boost your employee's productivity? 

Acupuncture may also reduce the physical and emotional impacts of an unhealthy or stressful work environment. Let us help you to ensure that you are fulfilling your duty of care to your employees. 

We offer onsite treatments in your facilities. Please contact us for further information.   

Gym and Fitness Acupuncture

A workout injury can happen to anyone, no matter your experience or fitness level. Common workout injuries include: muscle pull and strain, sprained ankle, shoulder injury, knee injuries or tendinitis.

Acupuncture has been proved highly effective for musculoskeletal conditions.

Getting your members to access additional services such as acupuncture treatments also increases your gym's revenue and grows your business. We will help your members achieve their health and fitness goals.

We offer onsite treatments in your facilities. Please contact us for further information.  

Health lectures

"Prevention is better than cure" is a common saying in our society. Education is the most cost-effective way to achieve well-being and disease prevention, allowing you to make lifestyle changes for the positive. 

Common health topics
  • Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 21st century.
  • Pain Management: ways to find relief.
  • Stress Management: tips to reduce stress from Chinese Medicine.
  • Insomnia: Chinese Medicine principles to beat sleeplessness.
  • Health tips for each season of the year.
  • Yin and Yang: get back to the flow and find your balance.

If there is a specific topic you would like to discuss, we will be more than happy to create a tailored presentation for your company or group’s needs. Please contact us for further information.

Irish Life / VHI / HSF / AVIVA / LAYA and other health insurers approved